making a radio

making a radio

Making a radio in San Diego

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Forest’s art


Camp Fire




Jewel Hanger


Mystery Creature

Star Hand



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Today is Forest’s fifth birthday. We celebrated with a party at the YMCA three days ago.

Tony and Forest

Tony and Forest

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed…

2016-02-13 15.24.29

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Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum


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Christmas Parade


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Itcan also spread transplacentally a fancy way of saying that

Tell the residents it’s going to take a week to get the results back vibrator sex toy double ended strap on, Dinniman said. Next day, to the best of our knowledge, without the test results you start the drilling again but you publicly state that you’re awaiting the test results that are going to help us resolve the issues. So where are the test results? Did you get them done in a day or was your initial comment a puff kind of a comment? I don’t see how you get them back in a day.

butt plugs Blue and Yellow counter comes with the maze. Local pick up preferred or trucking delivery available at an additional charge. Buyer will and must coordinate the shipping with trucking company of playground. (He said he hates the way his voice sounds recorded.) I asked him (Hell I ASKED) what my voice sounded like to him and he said butterfly dildo, “P it really kind of irritating and nasally. Often, it drive me crazy, especially if you upset.” WTF? Don ever ask a Bad Boy a question, unless you really want to know what is on his mind. I do prefer an HONEST Bad Boy to a manipulative one. butt plugs

cock rings How is it spread?This virus is carried by theAedesmosquito, which likes to come out and play during the day, but isn’t afraid to guest star at night, either. People of all genders can also transmit Zika sexually, through vaginal, anal, and/or oral sex, as well as bysharing sex toys. Itcan also spread transplacentally a fancy way of saying that a pregnant person can pass the virus to the developing fetus.. cock rings

sex Toys for couples If you opened your eyes light could get through the bottom. But with eyes shut the room was pitch black. Also, it was possible to tie the blindfold tight enough to block out all light. IDK, I can explain it, but I am in a MUCH betterI can squirt, and it can actually happen with out g spot stimulation for me. I like the clitoral stimulation better anyway. Sometimes I can squirt while having sex, but not necessarily orgasm. sex Toys for couples

male sex toys Deductibles are climbing by a lot making people think twice about rushing to the doctor. Every booboo or sniffle does not need a visit to a medical professional. Take care of your own health and you should be fine.. However, your Investigations Editor decided to go to my home and speak to my elderly father. For obvious reasons I do not wish to provide my father’s personal details but suffice to say my father is ill equipped to deal with media enquiries and your Editor’s visit caused enormous and continuing distress to my father and my mother, who was also at home at the time. I should add that the Editor did not disclose her identity until the interview was over. male sex toys

sex Toys for couples Most voters don care what the law says. They care about what they think the law says and twist it to fit their interpretation. More to the point, drivers break the law much more than cyclists do and are far more dangerous in their behavior when they do. sex Toys for couples

vibrators My history and the history of every big bellied woman in my bloodline back to the big, fat dawn of time. My body remembers all that; it stretches with what I fill it with. My ample hip remembers the lips that lovers pressed there while their kisses traveled the generous road of belly. vibrators

vibrators The tunnel is now a spider’s web of laser beams. I have 90 seconds to punch as many buttons as I can, deactivating them, without hitting a laser beam, which deducts 5 seconds from the running clock. I break into a sweat so hard I can hear it. And of those who correctly stated that nearly half of smokers die from smoking related causes, almost 50% regarded their own smoking as only somewhat risky magic wand rechargeable, a little risky or not risky at all, the report indicates. Recent estimates suggest that, in fact, about 20% of smokers will develop lung cancer.This estimate seemed to decline with respondents’ age those aged 20 to 22 said that about half of adult smokers would develop lung cancer.On the other hand, survey respondents also tended to underestimate the fatality of lung cancer finger vibrator, the investigators report. According to the American Cancer Society (news web sites), 86% of people with lung cancer die within 5 years of being diagnosed with the disease. vibrators

anal sex toys The newsbabes had a blast exchanging war stories, and vowed to get together more often. They teamed up at fundraisers for heart disease, breast cancer and women reentering the workforce. And they started meeting for private lunches to share career advice and tips how to manage bosses, husbands and child care; how to survive the crazy hours; how to adapt their makeup for the HDTV era. anal sex toys

cock rings I expand upon this a little more as a person into anime. The term originated in the Western anime community. The Japanese anime community has no such word, they use the term “otoko no ko/ otoko no musume”, which translates to “male daughter”. Note that enemas do mess with your body a bit, and so it best not to use them if you don need them. How do you tell? Get a toy and some lube and try things out in the bathroom beforehand. If things get messy then take an enema, if not then you good to go.. cock rings

cheap vibrators We don’t have a severance tax therefore this industry is not creating clear benefits for Pennsylvania in terms of helping our schools for example. And as a result we also don’t have the funding to create the relevant skills that would help staff that industry so that right here in Pennsylvania we can create good jobs. So I think a 5 percent severance tax would actually make the industry stronger cheap vibrators.

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I always say we should remember the horror of ’80s glam

February 15 16, 2003: The largest ever haul of jewels, valued at 100 million euros, took place in Belgium in 2003. More than 120 of 160 safety deposit boxes were emptied inside the heavily fortified “Diamond Center” at the heart of Antwerp’s diamond district. The building’s alarm systems failed to go off..

fashion jewelry Impossible to find that deal anywhere. These are superpopular bracelets. They have initials, zodiac signs. It’s important to keep an eye the history of fashion. I always say we should remember the horror of ’80s glam hook drop earrings, but clearly leave it in the past.A popular women’s top this year has been the tunic. I snagged one at the Banana Republic outlet in Lancaster last month for like 15 bucks, and I just love it. fashion jewelry

fashion jewelry Dec. 9. Students, faculty and staff will create and donate works, which will be sold at “Art for Haiyan. Focus on a specialized manufacturing technique. Repousee, extremely popular earrings for women, is hammered from the back over a pre cut die. Smoke or carbon was sometimes purposely added to create a darker patina to contrast with the glowing hand rubbed finish. fashion jewelry

trinkets jewelry Today’s gadgets request clean power with a smooth, steady, reliable yield. What’s more, all Powerhorse generators give it. Without a clean power supply, you run the danger of interfering with or notwithstanding harming delicate gadgets, for example, your PC, TV or fridge. trinkets jewelry

So far I have fixed a few DV2000 DV6000 and after you put the laptop back together make sure you have the latest bios update verson F.3C from HP’s website also in the device manager click on display properties and click on the update button and let it search online for the latest drivers for your graphics card. I had to fix my daughters DV6000 twice so far but that’s because I forgot to update the bios last time. She is a great test subject for my repairs because she is on it at least on it 5 hours a day accept on weekends then its at least 12 hours straight.

fake jewelry No contest. It was the one from my daughter. She gathered pictures of both of us and made a big collage that she then had framed. The DSW in Union Square has always been good to me these were originally $100, I got them for $50. And, surprisingly, they not that painful. For people who have trouble walking in heels, this is the ideal style. fake jewelry

bulk jewelry Christie’s auction house appraiser David Warren examines a set of jewelries from Roumeliotes Collection, one of three sets of the Marcos Jewelry Collection teardrop earrings, during appraisal at the Central Bank of the Philippines Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015 in Manila earrings for women, Philippines. The Philippine government is having millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry seized from former first lady Imelda Marcos appraised Tuesday ahead of a possible auctioning of the collection. bulk jewelry

costume jewelry Gold fund of funds: These are open ended mutual funds that invest in gold ETFs. Their liquidity is as high as usual mutual funds and can be purchased and redeemed at NAV during any business day. Their minimum investment amount can be as low as Rs 1000 where the additional investment can be as low as Rs 100. costume jewelry

bulk jewelry Wrong way: Gift card. Sure, gift cards can work sometimes, but a gift card to a book store is way too generic. On the flip side silver bracelet, if you’ve bought a book that your girl said her dad used to always read to her when she was little and it was their special father daughter thing, I have one word for you: Creepy. bulk jewelry

Men’s Jewelry However, nowadays many stainless steel rings come with gold plating and other precious metal finishes. As a result, such rings usually have customization options whereby the ring can be sized as per one requirement. You could also ask for engravings to be done in a ring. Men’s Jewelry

fake jewelry It’s a free day for kids to explore hands on science, technology, engineering, art and math in the company of world renowned scientists. Visitors can handle animals in the touch tank, get face paintings, try archery and learn about manatee rescues. Saturday along the waterfront from the wildlife institute offices at 100 Eighth Ave. fake jewelry

cheap jewelry So, the safest thing is to trash those wads of Christmas wrap or recycle them if you can. Also, in your health today, we’re looking out for you. What about the toys inside the packages. Anyone who spends a few hours in The Walt Disney Family Museum will see pretty quickly that the term actually means people. Like Elias and Flora, Walt parents. Or Roy Disney, Walt brother, the financial brains behind Walt creative ideas cheap jewelry.

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